Raj Hair Intl

Raj Hair is a pioneer in the Indian Human Hair industry and is the trusted source for supreme quality human hair and hair products for discerning clientele in 56 countries worldwide. With a history of over 40 years, we are proud to be globally recognized for our consistency in quality and quick delivery.

Our History

Raj Hair Intl, previously known as Raj Impex, is a 40 year old company founded by its Chairman, Mr. Benjamin Cherian. A Chartered Accountant and Harvard University Diploma holder, Mr. Benjamin Cherian’s tryst with the hair business began in 1980 when he received an enquiry from Sumitomo Corporation, Japan for barber cutting. Soon there were enquiries for remy and non remy hair and other hair products. At this point, the Indian hair industry was part of the unorganized sector. So, the business savvy entrepreneur started his journey by venturing on an uncharted path. Through innumerous trial and error methods, and interacting with international experts he structured the manufacturing process to achieve consistency in delivery.

In 2001 his son Mr. George B Cherian joined the business after completing his masters in International Business from Monash University, Melbourne. George spent his initial years learning the nuances of the business he closely watched his father build, to eventually take on the responsibility of being the CEO. With a keen eye on the future, he streamlined the business operations, set up state of the art infrastructure and implemented modern technology and processes to ensure our clients always receive the best of product and service.

The Process

Headquartered in Chennai, India, we get our supply of beautiful virgin Indian hair from the temples where tonsuring is a traditional practice. This hair is brought to our state-of- the- art factory where hundreds of seasoned craftsmen carefully sort and grade the hair according to colour, texture and length. The hair then goes through a thorough yet gentle cleaning process for which we use shampoo and conditioner methodically developed by our expert R&D team. Once the hair is ready, it is sent to specialized departments to be crafted into various products. Our, experienced Quality Control team, carefully scrutinize the products at every step of the process from the time the hair reaches the factory ensuring only the best is made ready and packed for our international partners.


Our manufacturing and processing unit, located 40 km away from the city, is spread over 55000 sq ft. Additionally we also have 2 sister factories. Our strength is our manufacturing team of 350 artisans who carefully handle each stage of production with utmost care.

At Raj Hair Intl, we also ensure that all our processes are socially and environmentally responsible. We are equipped with a Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to make sure our manufacturing process is efficient and environmentally sustainable. We also have a STP to recycle our waste water which is used to maintain the premise garden.

Awards and Achievements

1987-‘88: Top Exporter Award from Plastic and Linoleum Export Promotion Council (PLEPC) 1988-’99: 2nd Best Exporter Award from PLEPC

Chairman Mr. Benjamin Cherian has been nominated by Govt of India to lead many delegations to various countries including Hongkong, Korea, Japan and Singapore to promote Indian hair business since 1981.


Chairman, Mr. Benjamin Cherian is the founding President of Human Hair and Hair Products Manufactures’ and Exporters’ Association of India.

Raj Hair is also a member of

  • -  Confederation of Export Units
  • -  Federation of Indian Export Organizations - www.fieo.org
  • -  Green Card certificate for 100% EOU Green Card No.1982/MEPZ
  • -  Indo Australian Chamber of Commerce - www.indoaustchamber.com
  • -  The Plastics Export Promotion Council - www.plexcon.org
  • -  Raj Hair is recognised as a Star Export House by the Government of India.