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Raj Hair is a pioneer in the Indian Human Hair industry and is the trusted source for supreme quality human hair and hair products for discerning clientele in 56 countries worldwide. With a history of over years, we are proud to be globally recognized for our consistency in quality and quick delivery.

Head Office at T Nagar, Chennai.
Headquartered in Chennai, India, we get our supply of beautiful virgin Indian hair from the temples where tonsuring is a traditional practice. This hair is brought to our state-of- the- art factory where hundreds of seasoned craftsmen carefully sort and grade the hair according to colour, texture and length. The hair then goes through a thorough yet gentle cleaning process for which we use shampoo and conditioner methodically developed by our expert R&D team. Once the hair is ready, it is sent to specialized departments to be crafted into various products. Our, experienced Quality Control team, carefully scrutinize the products at every step of the process from the time the hair reaches the factory ensuring only the best is made ready and packed for our international partners.

Meeting client requirements has been the single most important goal of the company and it has led to constant innovation and growth. Today, we take pride in the long standing relationships we have developed with our clients and being trusted as the global destination for the best Indian hair.
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